Marketing & Microfinance
A). About Smart Card
B). Vision
C). ID Card usage
D). ID Card Detail
E). Benefits of ID Card
F). Benefits to Govt.
G). Resources
H). Devices for ID Cards
I). Infrastructure
J). Conclusion
About Smart Cart
Ramesh Charities Smart card(RCSC) aims at providing the personal ,financial, insurance medical, banking services and short term credit needs for cultivation. It mainly helpful to farmers purchase of required inputs during the cropping season.

This card is proposed by Ramesh Charities. It will be used only Ramesh charities outlets.

Provide the accurate source of information for people in our state in regard to their social, financial and other aspects
Ramesh Charities provide the service providers for the rural people
To supply the needy people useful and affordable products(Medical, agricultural etc) with a high poverty alleviation impact
Usage of Id Cards
1. Complete detail related to social, economical and other personal data for the people in our state.
2. Finger print and iris based ID card having an electronic chip for storing personal data and maintain the data all social, financial and personal details in the server.
3. ID cards to consist of the unified unique number, read & visible data saved in the server as the same shall be transacted with before using.
4. Provision of individuals identity confirmation.
5. An individual may utilize it to obtain all the administrative services easily.
6. Log on to Computers and Access online services.
7. This ID cards can be used as Health Card Insurance card, Commercial and our Banking services etc...
8. In addition, the ID Card acts as an infrastructure to many applications and services to entitles to use such as Public Libraries and rental stores to check out books, movies, games, cars, and others metro, public transportations
How to Get RCSC
Approach your nearest Ramesh Charities office and get the details
persons will get Ramesh Charities smart Card as per follow our charity norms.
Benefits of RCSC
Simplifies disbursement procedures
Interested No need to apply for a loan for every crop or every business and others
Assured availability of credit at any time enabling reduced interest burden for the farmer.
Helps buy seeds, fertilizers and others at farmer’s convenience and choice
Credit facility for every year – no need for seasonal appraisal Maximum credit limit based on agriculture income
Repayment only after harvest for Farmers
Rate of interest as applicable to agriculture advance
Security, margin and documentation norms as applicable to agricultural advance
Benefits of GOVT
1. Miss utilization of Double benefits of our Schemes
2. Maintained perfect data of Below poverty line people
3. Creating new avenues for revenue generation to the Govt by providing accurate purchasing and sales bills.
4. Proper usage of ID card would enable Govt to save huge money and recover taxes to the tune of 10,000 Crore Rs
5. By using finger print and iris based ID card, duplicate issue of ID cards to same person shall be avoided
6. People will not be issued with multiple cards from different places.
7. Finger print and iris control is the best and secure method of identifying individual as it is unique and ID card data will be maintained in a centralized database
Devices for ID Cards
Each Mandal in the state has an office and following facilities are available:
  • 5Pcs, Printer, Router and switches
  • High end secured network connectivity from
  • various outlets to the central location
  • Network setup for all the systems via
  • structured cabling
UPS with 8 hours backup for all systems
Central server is hosted at our data center
We are implement online system by SAP
We are best equipped to serve people at rural levels
With our expanded and extended network, we will collect authentic and accurate data about people in our state
If Govt. can utilize the survey data collected by us and properly allocate Govt. schemes such as Indiramma iIllu, Rajiv Arogyasree, 25 paise interest to the needy people and rural employment.
Our main task is to provide the safe drinking water for the people who are live in coastal corridor
We are planning to establish 24 hours medicines and medical services at mandal level and Diagnostic centers at zonal levels
We Provide the Education to the Prisoners Childrens and Skill development to their family for Economically development
We try to establish the orphanages and old age homes at district level.
Human Relation Ship
Human Relation Ship
Be simple / Moderate.
Make others feel important.
Be a good listener.
Don’t be selfish.
Communication Skills
Seek to Clarify your ideas before communicating.
Examine the true purpose of each communicating.
Consider the total physical and human setting whenever you communicate.
Consult with others where appropriate, in planning communication.
Mindful, while you communicate, of  the overtones as well as the basic content of your message .
Take the opportunity when it arises to convey something of  help or value to the receiver .
Follow up your communication .
Communicate for tomorrow as well as today .
Be sure your actions support communication.
Be good listener.
Voluntary Services
Identifying the poor people and bringing them to the notice of the government.
Identifying the people who are eligible to the voter card, ration card but does not have. Providing assistance to them.
Bringing problems of the villagers, village, Mandal to the notice of the government.
Providing support to the farmer.
Educating the people about various government schemes.